Business Before Brand™

We’re different. On purpose.

You’ve worked with a number of agencies. In fact, you are probably working with one or two now. But while they do nice work, you are frustrated—something seems to be missing.

Your business.

That’s because, while your agencies understand your healthcare brand, we know your healthcare business.

You see, unlike other agencies, we have our priorities in the right place…and in the right order.

What is Business Before Brand?

We know brand is important; but it’s just one of many tools used to improve business performance.

There are a number of business metrics that are truer indicators of performance. Plus, business metrics can be identified and tracked more easily. Some of the metrics we pay special attention to include:

  • Sales by representative or practice
  • Gross revenues
  • Procedures or prescriptions
  • Customer value
  • Refills
  • Brand value

Business Before Brand is a proprietary strategic approach that delivers our healthcare marketing partners the results that matter most to them, to their superiors, and to their business success.

How is Business Before Brand different?

Other agencies have strategists that are generalists. We have distinct specialized strategists; some are experts in business, others are experts in a particular customer demographic or market segment. This mixed team collaborates with you early in our process to understand where your business is today and where you want it to be tomorrow.

We look at the business goals and the business environment first, then dive into the target audience motivators to develop sales, creative, program, and tactical strategies that address the situation.

Armed with a clear set of strategies, this team continues to advise our creative team during concepting and development to ensure your campaign turns heads and profits.

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